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Tentative Wildcat Premier information and notes posted below.  Will be updated as information is received.  
Indoor season results and pictures posted below.
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Wildcat Premier Information and Notes

Tentative Wildcat Premier Information.  Updates will be posted as received. 

  1. Athletes should bring their own batons when checking in.
  2. No jewelry.
  3. Visible Undergarments – must be a single color, if worn by more than one team member and that apparel must be the same color, but not necessarily the same length.
  4. No bare midriffs.
  5. Girls shuttle hurdles – there will be 2 markings for the girl’s race. One will be where the runner comes out of the blocks and another where the incoming runner crossing the line. The finish line does not change however the starting line will move back.
  6. Please have athletes use their own chalk or tennis balls for markings on the track and on the outside of the runways for the long jump and pole vault.
  7. You may use tape or chalk for marks at the high jump – they will run simultaneously.
  8. Long Jump, shot put and discus- 4 jumps/throws – no finals. Combined scoring.
  9. Field Events – any last minute changes please do so at the event.
  10. All running events – 1 entry for individual events. Regarding relays - if something happens during the course of the meet and one of your relay members cannot run, just replace that person with the clerk during check in.
  11. A trainer is on call for taping, ice or emergencies. Please provide your own supplies if possible. The trainer will be rotating between track and baseball.
  12. If there is a problem please see one of the 6 officials or myself. Please do not approach our volunteers.
  13. Please have athletes checked in at 2nd call.
  14. The long jump is open pit for 90 minutes. Athletes will not be permitted to leave until 2nd call of a running event will receive 4 jumps.
  15. Throwing events are in flights 4 throws, with 2 throws in a row. The discus will be measured to the nearest lesser inch and shot put to the nearest lesser quarter inch.
  16. Results will be posted on the window at the press box.
  17. We will provide shelter for your athletes if supervised. However the athletes need to remain on the last two courts. Restrooms are behind the first court and athletes may use them but please tell them to stay out of the way of the game and they can not go anywhere else in the building. I really need your help with this. ATHLETES PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. NO SPIKES ALLOWED IN GYM. FIELDHOUSE WILL CLOSE AT 1:00PM.
  18. Regarding markings – Running events chalk or tennis ball only no tape.  Long Jump and Pole Vault – athletes will need to make no more then 2 marking on either side of the runway. Please do not put markings on Runway.
  19. We will have an 8 place scoring 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1
9:00 AM Field Events
Girls - Shot Put, Pole Vault
Boys - Long Jump (open pit for 90 minutes), Discus
Boys and Girls - High Jump (will run simultaneously)
Girls Long Jump and Discus and Boys Pole Vault and Shot Put will follow
*Weigh-in for shots and discs at the northwest end of the locker room building
*All field events are three athlete "relays" using a combined total for scoring placement.
9:00 AM Running Events Semi-Finals and 6400m relay
Girls 100 meter hurdles
Boys 110 meter high hurdles
Girls 100 meter dash
Boys 100 meter dash
Girls 6400 meter relay (4 x 1600 meters) - final
Boys 6400 meter relay (4 x 1600 meters) - final
Girls 200 meter dash
Boys 200 meter dash

11:00 am - Running Event Finals
Shuttle hurdles (low) – girls (heats as necessary)
Shuttle hurdles (intermediate) – boys (heats as necessary)
3200 meter relay (4 x 800 meters) – girls (one section)
3200 meter relay (4 x 800 meters) – boys (one section)
100 meter hurdles – girls
110 meter high hurdles – boys
100 meter dash – girls
100 meter dash – boys
800 meter relay (4 x 200 meters) – girls (heats as necessary)
800 meter relay (4 x 200 meters) – boys (heats as necessary)
1600 meter run – girls (one section)
1600 meter run – boys (one section)
400 meter relay (4 x 100 meters) – girls (heats as necessary)
400 meter relay (4 x 100 meters) – boys (heats as necessary)
400 meter dash – girls (heats as necessary)
400 meter dash – boys (heats as necessary)
Distance Medley Relay ( DMR) - (800, 400, 1200, 1600) – girls (one section)
Distance Medley Relay (DMR) - (800, 400, 1200, 1600) – boys (one section)
300 meter hurdles – girls (heats as necessary)
300 meter hurdles – boys (heats as necessary)
800 meter dash – girls (one section)
800 meter dash – boys (one section)
Sprint Medley Relay (SMR) - (100, 100, 200, 400) – girls (heats as necessary)
Sprint Medley Relay (SMR) - (100, 100, 200, 400) – boys (heats as necessary)
200 meter dash – girls
200 meter dash – boys
3200 meter run – girls (one section)
3200 meter run – boys (one section)
1600 meter relay (4 x 400 meters) – girls (heats as necessary)
1600 meter relay (4 x 400 meters) – boys (heats as necessary)
*Races will be timed with FAT and back up timers.
*If there are three semi- final heats the top two athletes from each heat and the next two fastest times will qualify for finals.
*If there are two semi-final heats the top four in each heat will qualify for finals.
*Sprint relays, the 400 meter dash, and the 300 meter hurdles will be seated slowest to fastest.
*Eight places score: First = 10 pts, Second = 8 pts, Third = 6 pts, Fourth =5 pts, Fifth =4 pts, Sixth = 3 pts, Seventh = 2 pts and Eighth = 1 pt

2015 Indoor Season

Congratulations to the following Davidson athletes on their performance at the Indoor State Championship!

Young Men

Triple Jump
Jacob Ross - State Indoor Champ!
Tyler Lomphoy - 8th

3200 Meter Run
Colin Burdette - State Indoor Runner Up!
Luke Hoover - 15th

4 x 800 Meter Relay Team - 4th

High Jump
Jacob Ross - 3rd

Long Jump
Jacob Ross - 6th

Shot Put
Andrew Brown - 16th

Young Women

1600 Meter Run
Lilly Saniel-Banrey - State Indoor Runner-Up!

High Jump
Molly Balcer - 6th

800 Meter Run
Lilly Saniel-Banrey - 6th

Triple Jump
Molly Balcer - 9th

3200 Meter Run
Jane Onders - 10th
India Johnson - 11th

4x800 Meter Relay - 16th


2015 Outdoor Schedule (subject to change)


Young Men and Women 2015 Outdoor Track Schedule

Date               Time                       Event                                                           Location

4/4                  9:00 AM                  Wildcat Premier                                        Hilliard Davidson
4/7                  4:30 PM                  Jerome/Pick Central                                 Dublin Jerome
4/10                5:00 PM                  Panther Invitational                                  Hilliard Darby
4/14                5:00 PM                  Worthington Kilbourne                            Worthington Kilbourne
4/18              10:00 AM                  Dublin Classic                                            Dublin Coffman
4/21                5:00 PM                  Coffman/Thomas Worthington               Hilliard Davidson
4/24                4:00 PM                  Freedom Relays                                         Olentangy Liberty
4/28                5:00 PM                  Westerville Central/Upper Arlington   Westerville Central
4/30-5/1          TBA                         Wayne Invitational                                   Huber Heights Wayne
5/5                  5:00 PM                  Hilliard Darby / Bradley (Women)       Hilliard Davidson
5/6                  5:00 PM                  Hilliard Darby / Bradley (Men)             Hilliard Davidson
5/11                4:00 PM                  Junior Varsity Invitational                     Hilliard Darby
5/14                4:00 PM                  OCC Semi-Finals                                       Hilliard Davidson
5/16                1:00 PM                  OCC Finals                                                 Hilliard Davidson
5/19-5/21        TBA                         Districts                                                      Hilliard Darby
5/23                TBA                         District Finals                                             Hilliard Darby
5/27                TBA                         Regionals                                                     Pickerington North
5/29                TBA                         Regional Finals                                           Pickerington North
6/5                  TBA                         State Semi-Finals                                       Ohio State University
6/6                  TBA                         State Finals                                                 Ohio State University
6/13                TBA                         Midwest Meet of Champions                    Dennison University


Outdoor Season Notes

Outdoor Season Notes:

1)  Order of Events

3200 (4 x 800) meter relay (girls and boys may run together)
100 meter (33") hurdles - girls
110 meter high (39") hurdles - boys
100 meter dash
800 (4 x 200) meter relay
1600 meter run
400 (4 x 100) meter relay
400 meter dash
300 meter low (30") hurdles - girls
300 intermediate (36") hurdles - boys
800 meter dash
200 meter dash
3200 meter run (girls and boys may run together)
1600 (4 x 400) meter relay

2)  Meets usually begin between 4:30 PM and 5:00 PM. You must ride the bus to and from each away meet unless prior arrangements are made with the coach.

3)  Listen up for the first, second, and final call for each event, including field events! Show up at the event ready to compete (warmed up, personal needs taken care of, and field event marks down and / or warm-up throws in.)

4)  Keep sweats on until ready to compete.

5)  Warm up, stay warmed up, and warm up again after long periods of inactivity, especially when the weather is cool.

6)  Support your teammates!

7)  All school policies and procedures apply at away meets.

Track Team Rules and Procedures

Please click on the following images to review the Track and Field rules and policies.


Hilliard Davidson "Coaches Corner"

click photos to enlarge
Jim A. Smith (pictured above) - Men's Head Coach and Jumps -
Coach Jim Smith is entering his 27th year as the boys’ head varsity track and field coach as well as pole vault, high jump and long jump coach. He has taught at Hilliard (now Davidson) since 1984, and in addition to his track coaching experience has also coached high school football (18 years), high school basketball (three years), and college track (two years.) He coached the first ever Ohio Division I female pole vault champion and state record holder, and his best team finish at the state meet is third.

Coach Smith is a 1984 graduate of Otterbein College, where he earned his teaching degree in Health Physical Education and General Science. While there he was an All-American track and field decathlete and four-year letter winner, a four-year football letter-winner, and the recipient of the Norris Elliot Award for Sports and Academics. He received his Master’s Degree in Sports Science from Ashland University.

Matt Beatty (picture coming)  - Women's Head Coach -
Coach Matt Beatty is entering his 11th year as girls’ head varsity track coach, after having served as an assistant coach in the program. In addition to his head coaching responsibilities he also works with the hurdlers and jumpers, and has coached the throws and sprinters in the past. He is also an assistant boys’ football coach.

Coach Beatty received his undergraduate degree in US History from The Ohio State University and his Teaching Certificate from Ohio Dominican University. While attending Ohio Dominican he was a Graduate Assistant for two years and an assistant coach of the men’s basketball program. He has taught Special Education at Pickerington Central High School and coached football, basketball and baseball at Pickerington North. 

Pat Schlecht (pictured above) - Distance Coach and Men's Head Cross Country Coach

Coach Pat Schlect is entering his 21st season as the Hilliard (now Davidson) track team distance coach and his 24th total season of coaching track. He is also the head coach of the Hilliard Davidson boys cross country team, a position he has held for the past 14 seasons.

Coach Schlect's distance runners are consistently amongst the best in the state in both cross country and track. The Davidson cross country team has qualified for the State Championship Meet the past nine years in a row, which includes four top-four finishes, a State Championship in 2002, and a State Runner-Up in 2008. The Davidson track team 4 x 1600 meter relay team from 2003 holds the State Record.

Coach Schlect teaches World Studies and Early World History at Davidson. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where he earned his teaching degree in Social Studies.

Todd Heinlen (pictured above) - Men's Sprints and Hurdles

Ryan Aleshire - (pictured above) - Men's Throws

Team Philosophy:
The coaches of the Davidson track team are committed to instilling self discipline, reliability, sportsmanship, determination and a competitive spirit. We will do whatever we can to make you the best athlete you can be so our team is the best it can be. We will promote individual success, but never at the expense of the team; the team always comes first. With this in mind, your commitment to our program must equal our commitment to you and the team. During track season, our team always comes first.